Sugarloaf Homeowners Association



These documents are provided solely for use by current owners or residents.

All documents are in PDF format.

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Governing Documents



CC&Rs Amendment March 2009

CC&Rs Rentals Amendment April 2019

CC&Rs Rentals Amendment June 2021

Other Operating Rules

Exterior Painting Rules

Garage Door Painting Rules

Association Policy on Solar Energy Systems

Association Policy on Paver Stone Driveways

Election Rules

Fine Policy

Other Homeowner Documents

Assessment and Foreclosure

Dispute Resolution Procedure

Election Rules

Fine Policy

Insurance Disclosure

Late Charge Policy

Sewer Laterals Information

San Mateo DPW Presentation on Sewer Lateral Repair Program  (Presentation outdated, please contact City to confirm current program scope)

Sugarloaf HOA Policy on Sewer Lateral Repair Financial Contribution

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